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Love N Oats!

If we did not have to fight all these oil wars for rich Republicans? We could have bases on the Moon and Mars, and go one heck of a long way to putting space stations out by the gas giants. You know, 15 to 20 trillion dollars still goes a very long way. Much like President Obama was handed a country with two wars and in a steep economic decline after his election in 2008. America was handed a world in much the same condition in 1919. While over the years, wealth and power have flowed in to the hands of America’s upper classes with our interventions in World Wars I and II. We now know that the ruling class of America was openly aiding England long before we entered into either war. Eerily just like back then, the average citizen is paying all the bills but getting none of the benefits. There’s no difference between our great grandparents in the 1920’s and the Great Depression and now. The Great Recession has landed squarely on the shoulders of working people. The average working class American of the 21st century is being kicked in the teeth by the super rich who pay little or no taxes. While it’s true that with the lend lease, the Marshall Plan and a host of other programs we rebuilt Europe. All of this is wonderful stuff, yet I do sometimes have to ask myself how many lifetimes would it have taken for Europe to recover with out American aid? If only we had just stopped there. However, since the end of World War II, American money and technologies have been pushed by our elites into every country on the planet. All of the cost of these actions being totally born by the American working class with treasure, jobs and blood. Sadly, just look at todays oil wars and government over spending. The bill’s and body bags are being sent right to middle income Americans by the truck load. With the ruling class of today, just like the Robber Barons of the past making obscenely huge profits wile paying little or no taxes themselves. Why do we still have troops in the Europe of today? Why are we spending trillions of dollar over seas supporting dictators? America spends more then the rest of the world combined on our military. Most of these dollars going to defend the interest of the ruling class. It’s time to end welfare for the rich! Bring our kids and money home, and lets make Wall Street and the super rich pay they fair share of taxes! Now, not tomorrow, now.